Joy Shipping Crew Care

Crew Care

Indonesia is one of the largest archipelago counties in the world in which there are more than 17,000 islands and there are five main islands including Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Makasar, Irian Jaya (Papua). With this made Indonesia has a very potencial maritime industry with numbers of sea ports and plenty vessels calling to this country. Base on above situation and conditions we, “PT. JOY SHIPPING AGENCY INDONESIA”, with its core business in vessel agency, has recently established a special division which is responsible in crew signing On/Off handling in this maritime country namely “Joy Shipping CREWCARE Service” with following goals:

The CREWCARE concept being introduced to give a new specific focus only on the handling and care of your crew during in transit at all Indonesian waters.

It’s packaged and designed to bring the efficiency, economy and comfort to the movement of crew in our all Indonesia water area. Joy Shipping CREWCARE Service providing a dedicated team, always on hand ready to respond to transiting crew’s needs. Joy Shipping CREWCARE Service team are available on 24hrs basis to provide crew with immigration and customs assistance.
Joy Shipping Crew Care maintain close liaison with crew managers to minimize transit stay, hotel costs and launch trips. Our focus is on “Safety and Safely” in our care at all points.

Joy Shipping Crew Care offer a 24hrs crew assistance facility especially at our International Airport where our team are available anytime of the day or night to provide the crew with immigration and customs assistance.