Name of Port Port of Benoa
Region/City/Port Denpasar Bali
Port Address Jalan Raya Pelabuhan Benoa – Denpasar 80222
Phone (0361) 720560 – 723352
Fax (0361) 723351
Internet Web Sites
Contact on arrival Benoa Pilot Station  VHF channel : 12
First Priority wharf for passenger vessel East Wharf
Second Priority wharf for passenger vessel South wharf
Restriction on arrival/departure time No restriction
Normal working hours Pilot : 24 hours
Linesman : 24 hours
Tugs : 24 hours
Prevailing weather at the port Winds : SE / SW max 35 knots
Currents : Max 2 knots
Pilot compulsory Yes
Position of Pilot station Lat: 08 deg 45.07 S      Log: 115 deg 14.27 E
Approach channel width & dept Widht : 150 m,   Depth : 10 m
Disctance from Pilot to dock / anchorage Nautical miles : 2 NM
Estimated time from pilot station to dock & maximum 15 minute, more than complete alongside 50 minute
Speed for transit Maximum spped 5 knot (safe spped)
Minimum draft and diameter of turning basin 9 M / 300 M
Port established max ship’s draft 8 M
Port established max ship’s LOA 270 M
Largest Cruise ships safety call in port MV. Legend of the Seas / draft 8 M / LOA 265 M in 16 th January 2012
Channel minimum depth during transit 10 M
Narrowest width of channel, from pilot to berth 150 M
Height of Sea Level of Pilot boat 1 M
Tug Compulsory Yes
Power and number of available tug 3000 hp / 1 unit stand by
Location of Berth Lat 08 deg 44′ 22″ S           Long 115 deg 12′  30″ E
Total Length of the berth East wharf : 290 M
South wahrf : 206 M
Dolphin 1 unit in Easth wharf
Minimum depth across the berth East wharf : -9 M
South wahrf : – 6.5 M
Max Length/draft of vessel permitted Length 270 M / Draft 8.0 M
Height of the pier from ) LWS 4.2 M
Maximum Tidal Range & max current 23 dm max / current max 2 knot
Type and spacing fender Type V spacing 1500
Bollard spacing and bollard pull/ Strength Type ST50
Type and surface of dock Concrete
Preffered side of ship alongside East wharf starboardside alongside, south wharf port side alongside
Disctance from berth to city centre 10 KM
Anchorage Position Lat 08 deg 46′ 4″ S           Long 115 deg 14′ 27″ E
Min depth of anchorage 17 M
Type of Bottom Coral and sand
Wind / Current Wind SE/SW – Current NE /SW
Distance from anchorage to tender pier/landing stage area 3.5 NM
Name of tender pier or landing stage Small barge alongside at east wharf
Minimum depth across the tender pier 9 M
Distance from tender pier or landing stage to city centre 10 KM
Access to passenger from the tender to the pier using stairs
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Shore tender Yes, 3 unit Catamaran ship, capacity 350, 600, 50
Height of tenders disembakation deck above water 1 M
Time for single journey anchorage to the pier 40 minute
Ship’s tender is allowed Yes
Maximun quantity available (per hour) Available ex-pipe at rate of delivery of 37,5 M3 / hours
Mode of delivery Hose
Drinkable No
Certificate ISPS plan approved Yes
Certificate ISPS valid 14 June 2012 – 13 June 2017
PFSO / Contact number Sugiono / 081325998538
X-ray scanner Yes
Fences Yes
Shore guard Yes
Total Space 1300 M2
Free wifi Yes
Money changer Yes
Souvenir shop Yes
X-ray machine Yes
Tourist information desk Yes
Parking area Yes, 52 m x 82 m and 88 m x 27 m